SWEEDHART – Separation of weeds during harvesting and
hygienisation to enhance crop productivity in the long term

WP1 Analysis for concept Evalution

Accompanying research of the effectiveness of the proposed concepts to reduce weed pollution on fields by sampling and botanical analysis of weed samples and the propagation of weed seeds for hygienisation experiments.

WP2 Hygienisation

Determination of the optimal hygienisation conditions for different weeds and chaff compositions in lab scale experiments and technical center trials. A first machinery concept will be developed revealing how the hygienisation can be realized on the harvester.

WP3 Mechanical Measures

Evaluation of other measures to reduce weed pollutions on fields. The mechanical measures and their potential effects of placing of chaff on straw swath, collecting of chaff on harvesting machine, compacting of chaff on harvesting machine and harvesting without fractioning and subsequent transport as well as separation of fractions have to be evaluated:

The effects of the measures on specific weed seeds have to be worked out in order to be able to rank the measures after the effect on specific weed seeds.

WP4 Usability of by-product

Chaff represents a significant and unexploited amount of biomass that may contain a variety of bioactive compounds. Chaff contains a heating value equal to wood pellets. The exploitation of this source would therefore increase the sustainability of agriculture and add other value chains. The aim of WP 4 is to identify this added value by chemical and physical analysis as well as experiments with regard to proof the usability as fuel for energetic purposes.

WP5 Assessment and implementation

Assessment of the different concepts tested and defined in WP 2 and WP 3 (hygienisation and mechanical measures) under consideration of WP 4 (utilization pathways of chaff).CLAAS will implement the most promising concept as a test unit and carry out field experiments together with Fraunhofer.

WP6 Transerability of the concepts to other crops

Evaluation of the feasibility for a concept implementation with corn and rape seed that have a high importance especially for Europe. The competence of especially PLEN will be used to transfer the results of the previous WPs.

WP7 Dissemination & Exploitation

The aim of this WP is to guarantee an effective and efficient communication and dissemination of project results towards the different target groups.

WP8 Project Managment

Administrative requirements of managing an ERA-Net project and with managing communication between all project partners