University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is one of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries. More than 9,000 persons are employed for performing research and education; it has totally 6 faculties divided in 100 departments and research centers. The independent and free research is the University of Copenhagen’s fundamental strength. The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences focuses on plants, microorganisms, animals and the environment as a basis for sustainable production of food and other biological products. One of the research directions within the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is the sustainable production of food.

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The University of Copenhagen with the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN) will be responsible for testing the effect of the different methods on weed seeds and flora. This involves propagation of weed seeds of selected weed species to make a seed bank which can be used to test the effect of the different treatments. Weed seeds will be produced in fields and greenhouses. In order to optimize the hygienisation process the relation between hygienisation intensity and effect on different important and common weed species with different properties will be investigated. Seed germination and vigor test will be conducted in climate cabinets in laboratories and fields after the seeds have been exposed to different intensity of hygienisation. PLEN will also investigate seeds in chaff from harvest fields. The effect of the different harvest methods on the following weed flora will be evaluated in field experiments after harvest at the research station Højbakkegaard.

Christian Andreasen, Prof.
Associate Professor at the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN)