CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH

CLAAS is a family business founded in 1913 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural engineering equipment. The company, with corporate headquarters in Harsewinkel, Westphalia, is the European market leader in combine harvesters. CLAAS is the world leader in another large product group, self-propelled forage harvesters. CLAAS is also a top performer in world-wide agricultural engineering with tractors, agricultural balers and green harvesting machinery. The CLAAS product portfolio also includes state-of-the-art farming information technology. CLAAS employs 11,500 workers worldwide and reported a turnover of 3.8 billion euros in the financial year of 2015.

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CLAAS Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH (CLAAS) will be mainly involved in the evaluation of the different concepts for chaff treatment as well as the implementation and field testing of the most promising concept. In addition, CLAAS will contribute with their knowledge, experience and their technical implementation options to preceding and subsequent work packages. More precisely will CLAAS support the basic analysis on weed pollution on fields (WP 1) by selection of test fields and harvesting actions on own test fields as well as the sampling of harvested chaff for botanical analysis and weed seed separation. Moreover, CLAAS will support subsequent work packages by generation of representative bulky test chaff in WP 1. In WP 2 and WP 3 CLAAS will contribute to the evaluation and development of concepts addressing the three pillars of the project by assessing especially costs, mechanical adaptions, influence on harvesting velocity and other conditions. The most promising concept will be realized into a test unit and tested by field tests according to an effectiveness check (WP 5). In parallel CLAAS will support the study on the utilization of chaff with the contribution of information on energy demand and production at farm level (WP 4) as well as the investigation of the transferability of the concept(s) to other crops (WP 6). CLAAS will extend field tests to other crops like rape and corn as well as sample relevant material on test fields. Finally, CLAAS will bring in their contacts to farmers and main stakeholders as well as their experiences of the branch to develop a suitable dissemination strategy and implement a dissemination campaign. In detail, CLAAS intends to hold a final project workshop with relevant stakeholders/target groups.

Christopher Vieregge
“advanced development-functionality”, CLAAS